Good People - Good Causes

Good People ~ Good Causes 2017

Colleen Weiss and Jason Gunderson were nominated for the "Good People~Good Causes Award" by Oahe Child Development Center at the Pierre Area Philanthropy Luncheon.

Colleen Weiss, a former pre-school teacher and Head Start teacher was part of the group that helped form Oahe Child Development Center.  Colleen has server over 26 years of dedicated service on the OCDC Board.  Her educational knowledge has helped guide the Oahe Child Development Center in preparing many children and families for school.  Thank you Colleen for your many years of service.

Colleen is pictured at her retirement party.




Jason Gunderson, a former Head Start parent has shared his many talents volunteering as a lunch helper, teacher assistant, substitute teacher, helped paint an awning, made wood oven for classroom use, fixed tricycles and anywhere in the building where he could help.  

Pictured here are Kathy Gunderson, Jason Gunderson, and Sue Glodt, Director.


Good People ~ Good Causes 2015

The Oahe Child Development Center recognizes the following people who have volunteered to eat lunch with children at the center on a weekly basis for multiple years. Their time and effort in helping this important program is very appreciated. Here is what each had to say about volunteering:


Courtney Millage portraitCourtney Millage - "The staff at Head Start are always so friendly and helpful. Every one of them are easy to talk to and get along with. The children are even better, always so thankful for your time with them. I know my volunteering helps Head Start with their funding and it gives me time with those lovable little children!"


Dan Shaffer portraitDan Shaffer – "I am a law enforcement officer with the State of South Dakota, Department of Game Fish and Parks, Parks Division, and a part time Deputy with Stanley County. I volunteer because I like to give back to the community; it is rewarding to interact with the children at a young age. I hope this shows them that law enforcement officers are people and can be talked to and asked questions."


Jenna Dempewolf portraitJenna Dempewolf – "I volunteer at OCDC because I see how much it benefits the children to interact with people from the community. I also believe that volunteering makes me a better person because the children teach me many different things each week. It also warms my heart when the children get excited to eat lunch with you or read a story."


Lt. Joel R. Peterson portrait Lieutenant Joel R. Peterson – "I have the privilege to volunteer weekly at OCDC Head Start as a lunch helper. Children sometimes get mixed messages about cops and I try to explain that cops are here to keep you safe and only arrest people who break laws. I enjoy spending time and conversing with the children at Head Start, their families, and receiving my weekly hugs that often leave my Highway Patrol uniform covered in spaghetti or some other sauce."


Jon DeGreef portraitJon DeGreef - "I have been volunteering at Head Start for 12 years as a parent volunteer with all 5 of my kids who have been blessed to go through such an awesome program. I have also done this as a community member when I haven’t had a child enrolled. I typically volunteer once a week or more if needed and enjoy watching the kids grow in their learning and interaction skills with their classmates from the beginning of the year to the end."


Dan Park portraitDan Park - "I got started volunteering at OCDC because of my wife Lisa who is a teacher at Head Start. I would encourage anyone who has a desire to be a positive impact in these children’s lives to consider volunteering at Head Start. The positive effect you can have on these children is just as rewarding as the joy you get each time you see one of their smiling faces or get a high five in the classroom. It is such a great way to get involved in our community."


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