For Sale

Oahe Child Development Center will have the following USED sheds up for BID.

Opening BID DATE will start at 8am (CT) May 24, 2021 and CLOSE DATE will be 3pm (CT) May 28, 2021.

Sheds are used and weathered and removal of the sheds are the responsibility of the high bid winner per unit.

Sheds will be in use until replacement sheds arrive and winners will be sent a "must remove timeframe" to work within.

Location:  Sheds are may be viewed at 2307 E. Capitol Ave. Pierre, SD.

Please stop at the front desk to let us know you are looking at sheds.

Highest bid per unit will be the winner.  All bids will be posted after all high bids have been confirmed.

Use the form below to submit your bid options.  Bids are date and time stamped per submission.

All Bids must be placed below.  Bids will NOT be accepted by text message or phone call or paper copies.

All payments go back into the Oahe Child Development Center Head Start / Early Head Start program.


Shed 1M 



Shed 2M 



Shed 1P 



Shed 2P 



Shed 3P 



Shed 1F





Invalid Submission Values

    To avoid someone making a bid in someone else's name please enter the last 2 digits of the Bidder social security number in next area. (two digits will not posted for any reason and only used to confirm winners for each item) These two digits are for your safety and safe guard against an unauthorized bid in your name.
    I, the BIDDER, am bidding on the following ITEM and will enter the amount of my bid before I submit for consideration. (if you plan to bid on more than 1 shed, you will need to submit each one separately for each bid on each item to be counted)
    SHED NUMBER (required)
    BID AMOUNT: Bid amounts will be accepted in dollars and cents to determine high bid winners. (Example: $500.89) In the case of multiple high bid winners, ???????
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