The following are a few examples of testimonials from kindergarten teachers in our district:

I have taught kindergarten at Washington Elementary for the past 25 years. During that time I have had many students that started their educational experience at the Oahe Child Development Center (Head Start).

I feel that this is a wonderful program! The students that enter my classroom from the Center are well prepared to start the kindergarten program in the Pierre School District. These students know their basic skills, how to interact with others and it helps them to be better learners.

The Oahe Child Development Center has worked closely with the Pierre School district and the kindergarten teachers. They strive to make sure that they are teaching the students the skills they need to be ready for kindergarten. They have set up meetings with us to discuss educational issues and concerns.

I feel that without the Head Start program the students would not be well prepared to enter the kindergarten program.

Denise Harford, Kindergarten Teacher
Washington Elementary School

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Parent's Testimonials

The following are comments from the 2018-19 parents regarding how our program has impacted their child or their family.

  • I am so glad we had our daughter attend Head Start.  All the staff are wonderful and do what is best for the child.  We love that they had fruits and vegetables available for anyone to take if they want.  They provided wonderful information regarding anything and in the beginning we listed our family goals to achieve and by the end of this school year we have achieved just about all of our goals. We are grateful to have Head Start in this town. --Jenny L.
  • Head Start has helped not only my child, but also my family.  They have helped my child adjust to becoming a sister and was there for her emotionally while I (mom) was in the hospital.  My most memorable moment with Head Start would be when I dropped Brielle off and I had just had a baby and Brielle was very sad and Ms. Traci picked her up and hugged her.  I knew then that OCDC was more than just a Head Start. --Devon S.
  • I think the brightest moment/time was watching our first foster son move from having difficulty communicating (due to speech issues) to speaking much clearer and being able to write his name.  He also had mental health assistance to deal with the trauma of his removal and past abuse.  He went from internalizing it all and having night-terrors to being able to talk about it at an age appropriate level. This is a story that repeated itself with our next two foster placements as well, because of the compassion and help of the Head Start staff.
  • The staff is great with my girls! They have very positive ways that they get the kids to deal with feelings and emotions.  Two of my girls in one class, have come out of their shells emotionally and have learned to be vocal about what they want and their emotions.  The third has progressed throughout the year by being in class separate from her siblings...I love how the families are included and informed.  So many fun things and events are held for parents to attend a be a part of. --Misty A.
  • I felt better at the beginning of the year when Ms. Marie took a picture of my son for my daughter to have while she was in school and away from him.  They have never been apart, so from that moment on I knew she was in good hands and cared for.



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