Frequently Asked Questions About Head Start

What is Head Start?

Man sitting on question markHead Start is a federally funded program that can help to build a foundation for your children's success. Head Start offers services to children with disabilities, infants, and toddlers, and preschoolers. It is designed to encourage the healthy development of young children from families with low income through its wide range on services. Head Start serves children age three to five, or to the age when kindergarten or first grade is available in the local community. Services for pregnant women and their families are also provided through the Early Head Start Program.


What can Head Start Offer to Families?

Head Start offers family support services and the chance for families to participate as full partners in the education of their children.Families can take part in training classes; learn about health and nutrition, child development and the variety of resources in the community. Head Start staff members may refer families needing help with health services, human services employment and other services.


Is My child Eligible for Head Start or Early Head Start

Children from birth to age five from families with low income, according to the Poverty Guidelines published by the federal government, are eligible for Head Start and Early Head Start Services.


How Do I Apply for Head Start or Early Head Start?

Contact the Head Start or Early Head Start agency serving your community. Your local Head Start agency will provide the required forms and answer questions about the program. The local agency will also help you find the Head Start Center closest to your home.


How do I find a Head Start Near Me?

If you need help to find a Head Start program in your area, call Head Start Knowledge and Information Management Service toll-free at: 1-866-763-6481, or you may use the online national Head Start Program Locator Tool.


Are Children in Foster Care Eligible For Head Start?

Children in foster care are Head Start eligible, regardless of family income.


Does Head Start Accept Children With Disabilities and Special Needs?

Ten percent of enrollments are offered to children with disabilities.


What if My Income Level is Higher Than The Poverty Guidelines?

Children who come from families with slightly higher income may be able to participate in Head Start when space is available. Your local program can discuss this with you.


What Are The Other Options If My Child is Ineligile For Head Start?

If you are ineligible for Head Start, the Child Care Aware program can help you in locating other childcare services in your community. To find the local child care resource and referral agency, please contact: Child Care Aware Toll-free: 800-424-2246 Website: http://www.childcareaware.org.


How Can I Get Involved With Head Start?

Head Start welcomes volunteers. By becoming a volunteer you can help in the classroom and the field trips, assist in renovating centers, and support parent education. Your volunteer experience may later qualify you for training which can help you find employment in the child care field. For information about volunteering please contact your local Head Start Program. To locate a program near you visit the on-line national Head Start Program Locator Tool.







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